Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out!!!


Why are people so fascinated with blending in? I was looking at a photo of myself at the beach.  This photo was taken while we were on holidays in Perth.  The weather was so cold but we wanted to explore the beaches in Perth.

Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out!!!
Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out!!!

I was wearing a white tee and jeans, I wasn’t really dressed for the beach but I was dressed for the weather.

 My white tee just blended in with the sand and the only thing which stood out were my hands and jeans.

This made me think;

Why are people fascinated with blending in? There is nothing great about it as you get lost in the process.

I believe  there is a lot to lose when we blend in see below;

Identity is lost in the blending process
I am thinking about how I make a smoothie in a blender.  I am sure most of us love our home-made smoothies. I throw in various fruits, vegetables and possibly mix with a yoghurt and blend everything together.  The results from this process are a yummy smoothie and you cannot identify each individual fruit.

 You could possible be able to taste the fruits used depending on the quantities mixed.  However if you put too much of one fruit it overwhelms the rest and you can’t taste the other ingredients.

Blending is an excellent idea for making smoothies but it doesn’t really produce great results when people decide to blend into a group of people or culture.

Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out!!!
Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out!!!

I am thinking;

 Why blend in and be unrecognisable because you are now so mixed up. You end not even knowing who you are. If you are a banana be a banana don’t be an apple.

Let people accept you as you are.

You do not have to blend in and lose your identity in the process. Let those who like apples have the option of going for apples.

Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out!!!
Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out!!!

There is nothing interesting about things which look exactly the same.
I remember a couple of years ago my daughter went through a period where she didn’t want to wear her hair out because it made her so different. I remember telling her that she is a curly girl and its ok you do not have to blend in and hide. It is ok to stand out and be yourself you are unique, embrace it.

She has finally embraced that she is unique and she doesn’t have to blend in, but to stand out.

I am thinking imagine if all flowers were yellow, would they look beautiful ? I don’t think so I prefer putting together different flowers together.  I don’t think the rainbow would be beautiful if it was one colour. I must say I wouldn’t see the beauty in it?

Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out!!!
Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out!!!

It can create mediocre
Everyone has their own individual potential, so how can one reach their own potential if they are trying to blend in.  I remember my daughter telling me about the kids who were being classified as geeky and she was saying nobody wants to be friends with them.  Friendships are so important for kids and I guess even for us adults as well.  So I asked her what her choices were with regards to the following;

  1. Would she rather underperform so she can be like everyone else and blend in or
  2. Perform at her full potential and risk being called geeky and lose friends.

Her response was that she needs to have friends at school otherwise school becomes boring. I agreed with her about that; but said I that if her friends were mocking high achievers she is hanging out with the wrong crowds. She needs to change to a crowd who believe doing well at school is cool.

Honestly there is nothing cool about underperforming when you know you can do better. Perform at your full potential, work hard and be unapologetic about it.

Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out!!!
Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out!!!

You lose the beauty from the uniqueness
I personally find uniqueness captivating and it makes me want to know more about unique things. For instance, when I go on holidays abroad, I want to eat the local foods, buy the local jewellery and souvenirs. I do not look for something which I can find back home because I have that and I want something different.

Imagine eating the same meals every single day, I would be bored or working and sleeping for the whole year. No I want to live and enjoy my life and not just work and sleep.

I love collecting foreign bracelets especially african ones because I cannot find them where I live and they are unique.

So why blend in when you can stand out.

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Love & blessings

Photography-Jamie Nicole
Makeup by Judy Mari@judzhouseofbeauty


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