I waited and The Results Are Amazing!!!

Do you ever wait patiently for anything?  I am a deadline or timeline oriented person so I struggle with waiting.   Deadlines have to be met no matter what?
Guess what……….I wrote a……………

I waited and The Results Are Amazing!!!
I waited and The Results Are Amazing!!!

……. book and it is finally done, ready to be published.

My book should have been out before the 10/09/2016.  I wanted it to collide with my speaking engagement on the 10/09/2016 at AFM Women’s Ministry.  Well that didn’t happen because the designing team was not yet done.
So I was told my deadline was unrealistic and then I had to WAIT

Check my books’ conception to birth process and what I learnt from it;

Patience is key
So I waited and the results are amazing!! this is my topic for today’s blog post because that is exactly what I did. I waited but I am more than happy with the final results.  looking back, I am glad I didn’t push my designer because that would have affected her creativity.  Possible I could have met the deadline but with an inferior output. If you know me,

 I do not strive for perfection but for excellence.

Patience is so important because it applies in every area of our lives. For instance If you want a spouse, don’t rush the process. Do not set a deadline on getting married. When you meet the right person you will know.  If you put a deadline and rush into a marriage, you will get married for the wrong reasons.

The same way you rush into marriage, is the same way you will rush out of it.

Please take your time so that you do not get hurt.

I waited and The Results Are Amazing!!!
I waited and The Results Are Amazing!!!

Things come up and it is okay
I have been working on my book I was so consumed by it that I even lost track of what day it was.  Do you ever do that?  Thursday is my blogging day and I did not blog because I thought it was Wednesday.  Then my daughter reminded me so now;

 I am like this girl is got to blog come rain come thunder, come hail storm because I am committed to it. So I decided to write about my book, I am sure you can feel my excitement as you read this post.

Anyway between entertaining the kids because it is school holidays, juggling my work and my new book which I am so excited about you can’t blame a mum for forgetting.

I have decided to be okay with missing my book timeline and with the fact that I forgot what day of the week it was.   What matters is that; I still did blog the next day on a Friday.

I am doing 3 things at the moment; I am woman I can multi-task right?  I am training a student on-line,  in between that I am writing this blog post.  I  just finished cleaning the fridge and I am about to mop the floor.  Yep I am doing all 3 just because I can.  Kids are watching TV; all is under control. #whateverittakes.

The importance of the incubation process
I have learnt that there is no harm in waiting one more day, week or month. Getting things done quickly does not mean great results.  As I mentioned I waited for 2 weeks for my designer to finish her part on the book, now I am so happy about the outcome that the waiting seems like nothing.

As a mum I understand the importance of waiting. I waited for 9 months before my babies were born. At 9 months I was so heavy and couldn’t touch my feet and I was so tired.   I still wanted my babies to come out at the right time when they were ready and fully developed.

I knew that if a baby was born premature , the baby has to be kept in an incubator. So I understood the importance of waiting for the baby to fully develop.  This has taught me the importance of waiting and not skipping the incubation period.
So you see my book was going through an incubation process and now it is fully developed and I love the results.

I waited and The Results Are Amazing!!!
I waited and The Results Are Amazing!!!

Allow incubation to take place and get a fully developed outcome

I conceived the idea of writing a book and I started typing, added pictures which I felt were relevant.   I didn’t know that all I had done was just the heartbeat which still needed all the limbs to develop for it to be a fully fledged book. I thought that the book was done, boy was I wrong.  I had never written a book before so I misjudged the amount of time this takes or the time designing was going to take.

After designing was done I was like wow is this really my work, my book went through a transformation process.

You Need Other People
I have stated this previously in another blog post because this is important.  As mentioned above when I look back I can see that I had a skeleton with no flesh and no life.  Designing added flesh and life to the book and it came to life as it took its first breadth.

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Do not interfere with creativity
If I had insisted to my designer that I wanted the book out as per deadline and offered no flexibility, I would have stifled creativity.  I let her get her creative juices running. I have learnt that If I want the best out of people, I have to let them be, allow them to be themselves.

I waited and The Results Are Amazing!!!
I waited and The Results Are Amazing!!!

See my post on how to Unearth & Unleash Your Talents

Give people space for them to excel in their talents without interfering.    You cannot tell creative people what to do. Just give them your product and let them show you what they can produce.

Super excited about my book, coming soon!!!

Thank you for reading,

Love & Blessings


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