Thought I Knew, Then The Robots Came!!!

I thought I knew!!!
What is best for myself, my kids, my husband and for my family.

I thought I knew what is best for myself
Now as I write this I am thinking how can I know when things change so quickly.  Nothing stays the same from one day to the next.  If you are in Melbourne even the weather is unpredictable. 

Just last year I was making some of my money from writing for other sites and marking some professional exams.  As 2017 began these two income streams dried up.  Just last year I was thinking of these being constant streams of income.  But guess what happened, I stopped writing as the company I was writing for decided to focus on other things.  Marking professional exams, guess what the robots took my job.

Every time I am reviewing my skills sets to make sure the robots do not make my skills completely redundant.  I am doing a tick list and going like “surely the robots can’t do this and that  so I can still do this”.  I am continuously developing myself in areas which need intellect and not repetition.

Funny enough as a trainer now I can run a class from one position with students logged in from different areas. Technology, if you don’t keep up you lose.

I thought I knew what is best for my kids
Honestly do I really know what’s best for my kids? I think I do to some extent, but my knowledge is limited to what I know today.  Imagine,  I am trying to guide my kids in a career path in this changing environment.  How difficult is that? What’s true today is not necessarily true for tomorrow.  Traditional careers are going down the drain.

Imagine sending your kids to University to do a degree then by the time they graduate that skill is redundant.    That’s a big responsibility for real hey. I feel this weight on my shoulders.  What about you, how are you doing this?

I have decided to listen, observe my kids and identify their gifts.  Send them to school to learn but also allow them to develop their gifts.  In education, there is what we call “blended learning”.  Oh well I am doing what I call “blended academic, gifts & leaning on God’s direction”.  He knows their future and has great plans for them. He has deposited everything they need and will ever need in this life and put it inside them.  So, I am leaning on him to help me unravel these gifts inside them.  They are his handwork after all as per scripture below:

Ephesians 2:10New International Version (NIV)
10 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

The greatest skills I need to teach my kids is to be adaptable, resilient, bounce back & lean on God.

See How to Bounce Back

I thought I knew what is best for my husband
In terms of his career oh well we are in the same boat fighting against the robots. I guess everyone is, you stay the same you lose.  Being adaptable is the new constant. The attitude is ok this brook is getting dry I need to get another one.  I need to think of something else which the robots haven’t figured out.

I thought I knew what is best for my family
Healthy eating is our thing, I always fill my trolley with fruits and vegetables because I consider them healthy.  Just the other day I had a friend tell me that these fruits are sprayed with some chemicals to make them look nice and fresh.  He actually mentioned the bananas and the beautiful almost red apples which I love which looks like the one bitten by snow white.  The fresh greens and salads from the supermarket which I love.  Oh my goodness should I start growing all my vegetables, but I haven’t got the time.  I thought I will focus on what I do best and let the farmers do their job. I will just buy from them, Isn’t it we need each other. We are interlinked I will do the farmers accounting and they can sell me the produce.

Anyways do you think you know?  Or you have figured out you do not know it all. What are you doing about it.  Will you fight against the robots or you will let them take over your skills and make them redundant? Well I am not, I will keep developing myself.  Which reminds me I am supposed to be studying today something which the robots haven’t figured out as yet. It’s got a lot of variables so someone has to real seek advice from someone who knows. This changes every year by the time the robots learn what happened the previous year we will be into something new and I will be laughing at them.

As always thanks for reading, sharing my articles and commenting

Love & blessings

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