The power Of A Change of View -Turning Failures & Frustration to Success!!!

When I found myself jobless and frustrated with no income.   The most worthwhile lesson I got from this experience was that:

I had nothing to lose by doing something.  From zero income even if I earned a $1 it was better off than nothing.

 Having nothing to lose now worked to my advantage because I had no fear of losing anything, whatever money I made was a bonus.  From that time on I invested all my time in my business, I became intentional and dedicated and eventually God opened a door I billed my first invoice.    From then onward I have billed lots of invoices and the $$$ keep increasing.

Beyond every failure and disappointment there is a success story, it just depends on how you view things.  I have noticed that if I am discouraged and disappointed about a situation but choose to focus on the positive I start seeing opportunities.

If I dwell on a situation which is draining me, I become visionless to opportunities.

Change of view is a choice that each individual has to make, this is not to water down the difficult situation that one is facing.   I have had to talk to myself during difficult times and say;girl you will get over this situation it is just a season” I also tell myself that “this too shall pass away” and for sure it does pass away, I come out stronger, victorious and even more determined to conquer.

When I was in employment I had a stable income from one source but now that I am self-employed I had to change the way I view things.  For instance instead of thinking that I wish my income was stable, I ask myself how I can balance my sources of income so that I have regular stable income.


I have also learnt that time is a very valuable resources, to me time really is $$$.  I use my time wisely by spending it with my lovely ones and being resourceful.

I hope you find this article helpful, feel free to share your comments below

Thank you for reading,

Love and Blessings

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