It Started as A Baby Shower and Then………

It started as a baby shower and then turned into both a baby shower plus a woman empowerment session. Oh by the way all masks were left at the door, no super-mums were allowed. It was about being real.

It Started as A Baby Shower and Then………

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of hosting a shower with a team of 8 other ladies.  Thank you, Ladies, I would be more than willing to work with you in the near future. What an amazing team you were, saying it was a success is an understatement it was just the way my sister envisioned it.

It Started as A Baby Shower and Then………

It was kind of like a sisterhood thing, you know what I mean.

United because we are all women we share the same struggles one way or the other.

It Started as A Baby Shower and Then………

I had a discussion with Jeudd whom we were so honored when she agreed to be the MC. We discussed the program so she suggested that we add value to our showers by making them an empowerment session.

Do you want an MC, I recommend Jeudd. She is amazing

Let people get something out of it than just sitting and eating.  I was sold out for the idea to run the baby shower this way as I love inspiring and empowering people.

Check Jeudd doing her thang.

The other thing we decided on was to create an environment where people can be real. Jeudd set the tone very well by creating that environment and people were all welcomed as they came in and the drinks lady was fantastic.

My sister who we were throwing the shower for is a people’s person so she really enjoyed her day. She wanted the shower to reflect her personality, hence allowing people to be themselves was the most important thing.

She also took part in her deco ensuring that it is exactly what she wanted. Check this deco above and below;

It Started as A Baby Shower and Then………

A number of topics were shared like;

That transitioning period from just being the two of you to three. 
How to manage that, everyone seemed to be agreeing that you do not have to be a super mum but ask for help when you need.  Allow yourself that rest you deserve dirty dishes will always be there.

Post-natal depression
Yes ladies it is real watch out for the symptoms and seek help so that you can enjoy your bundle of joy.  Let motherhood be a joy and not a burden.

It Started as A Baby Shower and Then………

For the working mums maternity leave does not last forever soon you will be back at work. How do you manage that?  Of course being a mum does not mean that your dreams are dead.

I say you can be a mum and still pursue your dreams but you just have to maintain a balance and also set your priorities right. People were so inspired to find that as much as we were all mums we had other things we were all passionate about and pursuing on the side.

Having fun & burning the calories

Single mums doing it all
One lady shared about being a single mum looking after the kids as well as being the bread winner.  She is now seeing the fruits of her efforts through her kids now. Shout out to all our single mums who refuse to turn their back on their kids.

It Started as A Baby Shower and Then………

It’s your partners baby too
The pain of labour and pushing that bundle of joy out just to remind you makes you want to keep the baby to yourself.  At times, we woman are so overprotective and we watch our husbands when they are carrying the baby. Look lady it is his baby too and he loves his baby. Let him make mistakes and learn as he goes just as you do.

The mum to be!!

As always feel free to comment and share my articles.

And the dancing began!!
That look when you are watching women showing their talents on the dance flow

Happy new year

Thank you for reading,

Photography;Jamie Nicole
Hloe; thanks for allowing me to blog about the event and use the images
The organizing team; It was a pleasure to work with you Ladies
MC; Jeudd you were the best person for that job
Guests; Thank you for coming to celebrate this coming baby and making Hloe’s day special.
Cake & cupcakes by Gill Murodzy. It was just perfect.



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    1. Thank you Adeola for your comment, yes I agree the colors were beautiful. The mother to be is having a girl but she didn’t want pink. However I was impressed with her choice of colors.

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely article Fiso..i was honoured to be part of this shower and it turned out yo be a beautiful one..i learnt a lot myself..

    1. Thanks to the amazing ladies I worked with in the organizing committee, they did an awesome job and also to you the MC who happens to share the same passion with me for empowering women.

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