Spending Huge Dollars and Still Frustrated With Dry Skin?

I was spending huge dollars on skin products but my daughter’s skin was dry and would bleed on her joints.  As a first time mum I had no clue what to do with her skin. The doctor prescribed various expensive products but none of them worked. I couldn’t stand watching her in so much pain and she wouldn’t stop scratching.

Spending Huge Dollars and Still Frustrated With Dry Skin?

Then one day the doctor looked at her and then said to me “Just go buy this product from the shop, it is cheap and it might work for her”. It costs me $6 for 2 litres and previously I had been spending $15-$20 for like 300mls which did not even last for long.

I started paying attention to the ingredients on moisturizers and bath creams and my daughter’s skin is now well moisturized.   On top of that being conscious of the seasonal changes and weather effects on the dry and then making sure I adjust the skin care. The moral of the story is; it is not about buying expensive products but by being knowledgeable in what you are applying to your skin or your children’s skin.

So today on my blog I have got Rumbi Rainbow my friend and founder of Khozibu products.

Spending Huge Dollars and Still Frustrated With Dry Skin?
Spending Huge Dollars and Still Frustrated With Dry Skin?

Do you suffer from skin sensitivities? Do you find yourself sneezing a lot whenever you use some soaps or bath gels? Well my kids have sensitive dry skin and I can’t stand any strong fragrances.

Having a bath or shower used to cause me so much grief as I would sneeze continually until I finished. I now use natural products and both my kids can’t use soap due to dry skin. So, in my household I have to be cautious about the products we use on our skin as much as we are careful about what we consume.

Do you know that a lot of healthy issues we are facing these days are caused by the food we consume which is heavy laden with chemicals? This is the same with the products we use on our skin. Preservatives are added for a long shelf life and some of them are not good for our skin.

Spending Huge Dollars and Still Frustrated With Dry Skin?
Spending Huge Dollars and Still Frustrated With Dry Skin?

Most people are busy chasing low cost and not noticing that in the long term they are not saving money as it goes out to medical bills trying to treat these same problems caused by the things we buy and use.

If you identify with my story above and have struggled with skin and allergy issues, I partnered with my friend Rumbi Rainbow the founder and mastermind behind the khozibu products. So If you never used soaps before due to allergies the Khozibu products are designed just for you.

The khozibu range consists of soaps, hand creams and bath salts. Essential oils which are good for the skin are used as a preservative. These products are made with natural moisturizers inclusive of Sheabutter, cocoa butter, coconut and almond oils.

The things I love about the Khozibu range is amazing;

The products created align with people’s passions
For instance if you want to buy a present for your partner and you know she loves roses. Why not get her the Khozibu rose soaps?   If your partner loves water melons, cakes, Popsicle, puzzles, caterpillars, golf etc. You can order that soap at Khozibu.

Spending Huge Dollars and Still Frustrated With Dry Skin?
Spending Huge Dollars and Still Frustrated With Dry Skin?

You can find both male and female fragrances. Don’t forget to get my book from my online store here

These products are healthy for your skin. Khozibu goes by the mantra

If you can eat it you can use it for your skin

Products tailored to get rid of dry skin by adding moisture to your skin

There is added value at Khozibu as skin consulting services are offered and then a soap is created for you which is designed with your needs in mind.

The founder continually evaluates the food we consume and their benefits and then uses those same healthy ingredients to create products so they can benefit
our skin.

Spending Huge Dollars and Still Frustrated With Dry Skin?
Spending Huge Dollars and Still Frustrated With Dry Skin?

Oh by the way that’s my book featured with the Khozibu Rose Soaps you get it from my online store here

The Khozibu products are customized hence there is no shelf of products kept in a storage. It is created for you and then sent to you.

Contact details for khozibu are as follows;

Instagram: www.instagram.com/khozibu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/khozibu

Twitter: www.twitter.com/khozibu


This has been by far the most read blog post on my site.  This shows me a lot of people face skin challenges and spend lots of money on it.  My goal is to save you your hard earned dollars and help you spend them efficiently hence  I have partnered with James Allen the founder of Health Style Hub who has written an amazing article about understanding your skin type.

In my opinion it is important to know your skin type so that you will buy the right products for your skin.  You don’t want to waste your money buying products which do not work.

James has written a comprehensive article to help you understand your skin type . He has also designed a QUIZ to help you identify your skin type.  Read more about understanding your skin type and complete the quick quiz test HERE

Thank you for reading and sharing my articles

Love & Blessings

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    1. Thank you, this article is based on my experience dealing with my kids who have dry skin. So I learnt that good skin is not achieved by spending money on expensive products but on understanding your skin’s needs and making sure these needs are met.

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