So Many Attempts Failing but See How To Go Again!!!

 Life is like Photography it takes so many attempts to capture the perfect picture, however I keep going until I get the perfect shot.   In life I face setbacks but I keep going because I know for sure that eventually I will get it right.

I always tell myself that I might be down now feeling discouraged and disappointed but I am not staying down.  I allow myself to rest and re-energise then the next day I will be up taking another step forward.

I evaluate where I went wrong and learn the lesson quickly and then stop and consider whether I should adopt a different approach to achieving my goal.  If a different approach works then I go for it. If it doesn’t I brainstorm on how to make it work and come up with ideas then implement them.

Working towards something which I have never done before will always come with a learning curve, so I allow myself the opportunity to learn and become an expert at the new project which I am working on.

I tell myself that girl you do not know it all, get knowledge, and get understanding in the areas you are not knowledgeable about.  If you get it wrong it doesn’t mean you have failed but you are learning.

I always think about my kids when they were learning to walk, they will fall but they will get back up.  Eventually they will become strong and walk comfortable.


Photographer: Jemie-Nicole

This is one of my favourite strategy if I have been working on a project and haven’t made as much progress as anticipated and I am beginning to get frustrated.  I stop and go for a walk or a jog.  I tend to find being outside refreshing.

If things are not working, I stop and see if this is not God leading me to another and better path because at the end of the day I do not want to keep banging on closed doors. It is my desire is to be in his will and purpose and do the things which I am passionate about.

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