How to Slay “What If’s & Snatch Your Dream..

How to Slay “What If’s &Snatch Your Dream..

I had just finished drafting a blog post and then a thought hit me.  The thought was; How to deal with the “What if moments?

I asked my 7-year-old what her what if’s were and she responded by saying “oh mummy if I tell you, you going to make my “what ifs” famous by blogging about them”.  Funny kids are fascinated by being famous.
Anyway I started thinking of my “What If moment which I just had last week

How to Slay “What If’s &Snatch Your Dream..
How to Slay “What If’s & Snatch Your Dream..

My “What If Moment”
As an entrepreneur and a writer I regularly have to present my services to  businesses or other companies . So I had just found this great company which I was so keen to pitch to. I was so excited and I told hubby about it and then when I read further their guidelines I noticed I have to present this huge document with 1500 words.

If they accept it, it’s a gain to me. Then I said to hubby “what if they do not accept it I would have spent all my time preparing and I cannot recover my time”
You got to understand I charge my clients for my time and skills. So it means I would have lost money which I could have earned by doing something else which could earn me money.

How to Slay “What If’s &Snatch Your Dream..
How to Slay “What If’s & Snatch Your Dream..

How I overcame my ‘What if moment”
Actually I didn’t to be honest with you, but hubby just stopped me in my tracks and told me that I was now entertaining and speaking self-defeating thoughts.
He reminded me of the work I have been doing for other companies with a success rate of 90%. So if 90% goes through why worry about the 10% that was his argument. Which I thought was really true but yeah I want to push my success rate to as close to 100% as possible and use my time more effectively.

How to Slay “What If’s &Snatch Your Dream..
How to Slay “What If’s & Snatch Your Dream..

So you see though I am a positive person, this does not stop me from being susceptible to the “what if’s. It is important to have positive people around you whom you bounce your ideas against because they will lift you up.

As I type this blog post I have actually written the 1500 words document and sent it off. I did slay the “what If’s & and I will snatch my dream. In my mind I now see a possibility it’s now a matter of time. However, I am not just sitting down and waiting for the response instead I have moved on with my task list.

Slay the What If’s & Snatch Your Dreams

How to Slay “What If’s &Snatch Your Dream..
How to Slay “What If’s & Snatch Your Dream..

I have just compiled a list of “what ifs” and they seem to have formed the shape of a tree.  See below:

What if I fail?
What if I get rejected?
What if my friends laugh at me?
What if I design this product/service and no-one buys it?
what if I start a blog and my content is not good enough?
what if I marry this guy and my marriage doesn’t work?
what if something goes wrong in my pregnancy?
what if I find out I can’t have kids?
What if I start this venture and run out of money?
What if I approach people and they do not like me?
what if I apply for this job and not get it?

How to Slay “What If’s &Snatch Your Dream..

How to Slay “What If’s & Snatch Your Dream..

The list is endless, you can go ahead and list your “What if’s” and then make a decision to counteract these thoughts with what if all these things work out for you.
The amount of time I spent thinking about the what if is unbelievable. Imagine if I spent this time thinking about the possibilities, that would be time well spent.

You don’t want to miss out so go for the possibilities instead of focussing on what if’s.

Thank you for reading,

Love and blessings

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