Roll the Red carpet- It Is Mothers Day!!!

Roll the Red carpet- It Is Mother’s Day!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums.  Let your loved ones roll the red carpet for you because it is Mothers day.
As a mum myself now,  I now  appreciate all the things my mum did for our family.  As a kid, I did not see it, I just thought or well mothers are suppose to cook, clean and even find our socks when we can’t find them etc.

I took her for granted, but you know I have realized that mothers do an amazing job. Their job is a 24/7 shift with no breaks at all.
A few weeks ago our friends threw a surprise party for their mother; how cool is that, it was her 69th birthday.  She was surprised to see us because apparently she wasn’t told we were coming. The next day people started arriving but she was told some cooked-up story.  Then a message came up on the screen from some of her grand-kids saying happy birthday nana (grandma). Oh she was so emotional.  It was such a great moment, oh how I love surprise parties.

Roll the Red carpet- It Is Mother’s Day!!!
Roll the Red carpet- It Is Mother’s Day!!!

Our friend wrote numbers that mark milestones in his mum’s life for instance the day she got married, years of employment, number of grand-kids etc.  He then got his mum to tell us what these numbers represent.  It was such a joy to see her going back in time trying to recall.  It was a bit like the movie Time changer. Then we got to hear her life story from these numbers.

The part I enjoyed the most was when she told us of how she met her husband and the courtship moment. Oh, I was all ears and I could see the love she had for her then late husband as she spoke of him.  In my mind, I could visualize the young couple walking together hand in hand.

I wish I had thought of asking my mother her love story, but she is gone now. If you still have a mother, ask her you will enjoy the story.

  We drove 8 hrs to be at the party, we couldn’t miss it for anything. We arrived Friday evening, had the party the next day and drove back another 8 hours arrived back home in the evening and back to work and school the next day.

Roll the Red carpet- It Is Mother’s Day!!!
Roll the Red carpet- It Is Mother’s Day!!!

Yes, we were exhausted but we didn’t care, the most important thing for us is that we celebrated life.

In all we drove approximately 16 hours to and from just to spend a day with them. It was well worth it, I have come to realize that there are some things I didn’t get to do for my mum. However instead of wishing I could have done this and that, why not do those things for the mums that we still have here with us.

 Happy Mother’s Day, enjoy it and create memories

Love & blessings,

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  1. Oh my dear, I love how you savour every moment in life….as a result you are a blessing from the moment you wake up and your feet touch the ground….God bless you and always make his face to shine upon you xxx

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