How to Resist the Urge to Spend-3TIPS

How to Resist the Urge to Spend-3TIPSHow to Resist the Urge to Spend-3TIPS

We all have an urge to spend, the issue is how do you control it so that it does not control you? Have you ever thought of the negative impacts of over spending?  Just off my head I can imagine unpaid utility bills, hence no electricity, no water or even a possible eviction notice or maybe huge debts.

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Dealing with Daring Direct Debits!!!

Direct debits have the audacity to show up and mess up your budget especially when you have forgotten about them. I was quite annoyed when I went to do my groceries only to find that the account balance was more than the available balance.  My focus was on the amount I expected to be in the bank.

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Step Out


I am still discovering my potential. It is only when I STEP OUT and do the things I have never done before that I get really amazed that I did it! Where was that potential Hiding? At times we can be our own enemy by negative self-talking and doubting.

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