How to Focus on Things That Really Matter in 2016

I got so emotional once the clock struck 12:00 midnight on New Year’s Eve .I started thinking about how blessed I was that my family and I have made it into 2016.  More time has been given to me on this earth to do the things that I love to do, to be who I was created to be and to spend time with my loved ones.

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Does Santa Get Broke!!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, today I though of just exploring what goes on in little ones’ minds when it comes to Christmas & Christmas Gifts as well as how parents respond to their expectations and questions.

Check this dialogue between parents and their kids:

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Kids Christmas Expectations

I was just asking my kids what they wanted for Christmas.  My little miss listed the things she wanted.  I am talking huge $$$ coming out of my purse.  At school she wrote a letter to Santa and last week she brought back the response from Santa.

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My Christmas Gift to You $$$

My Christmas gift to you is that you have a FINANCIAL STRESS FREE CHRISTMAS.  I choose to give you financial wisdom, because with wisdom you will make wise financial decisions and save lots of $$$.
My gift will help you avoid stress related sicknesses.


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