New Baby!!!

New Baby!!!

New baby !!! You know that feeling when you have just found out that your pregnant and you are going to be parents for the first time. It is so exciting, right?  I remember with my first child I started feeling sick and I thought It was the chocolates I over ate at Christmas.

New Baby!!!

Oh well it turned I was going to be a mum, we were so excited. I could imagine the little feet, hands etc. I never for a moment thought about the budget.  I must say though, we had saved up because it was a planned pregnancy.

However, I never knew that savings can just disappear so quickly when you using them to maintain your daily needs without adding more money in them.  Trust me yes, they can, I stayed home for a year to look after the baby while hubby was pursuing his masters full-time.

I do not want you to be caught off guard, be financially prepared for your bundle of joy.  I have learnt that anything that I am prepared for does not knock me down.

New Baby!!!

I have some Tips for you to prepare you financially for the baby?

Stock up on essentials
If you and your partner are both working; while you still have 2 sources of income. Stock up on essentials or staples like rice, cooking oil, detergents, soaps etc.  Buy them when they are on sale and buy more and stock up. If you have a spare room or cupboard use this as your storage room as they will not fit into your pantry.

The next time you see another essential item on sale buy it and keep it.  So, if you do this for the whole duration of your pregnancy, by the time you are due you have everything you need.  When you stop working your partners income will be servicing things like mortgage, rent, utilities and buying fresh foods only. This will alleviate the financial stress.

New Baby!!!

 You Do Not Need Everything Advertised in The Shop
 When I was pregnant with my first baby I thought, I needed everything advertised in the shops or magazines. Have you seen how they coordinate everything and make you think you need it.  Trust me you do not. I remember buying a beautiful baby carrier in the UK, we only used it once because our baby was born towards the end of summer.  Before we knew it we were in winter. I gave it to my friend when she became pregnant.

New Baby!!!
New Baby!!!

There is nothing wrong with 2nd hand baby furniture
In my opinion there isn’t. For instance, a baby does not sleep in the court bed forever, they outgrow it.  So you can use the same crib for your next baby if you are in the same country.  When my friend became pregnant back in the UK, we went shopping for a bed for my daughter.  Then my friend took the court bed or crib as some people might call it for her new baby. When I was having my second baby one of my friends who had a baby before me gave me her Moses Basket. Think of it a Moses basket is used for a very short time and would be still new.

New Baby!!!

Provide a Gift List for Your Baby Shower Guests
This helps in that people will buy you the things you need.  Also put money or vouchers as an option.   State the size of clothes you want because I have noticed that at times people can buy the smallest sizes. If you have a big baby, the baby will not even fit in the clothes.

If you have everything you need
Ask your guests to buy diapers and give them various sizes. You will need these especially the first 3 months. I remember changing nappies approximately 11 times a day.  I started thinking this was not sustainable how was I going to afford buying the nappies at the rate at which they were being consumed but it then it settled down later on.

Run Your Own Race
Nowadays you find that everyone has a very beautiful stroller costing thousands of dollars. So you will be carrying a lets say a $2000 stroller which cannot even drive itself. After that you have to carry it in your car. There is nothing wrong with getting this if you can afford it, however if you can’t, take $1,500 and pay your car loan and buy a stroller for $500.  It does not matter that everyone has an expensive stroller, it does not mean you love your kid any less.  Or take that $1500 and invest it for your baby and watch it grow.

New Baby!!!

Know where to shop
If you like high end goods, you can still get them on sale or gently used. Don’t worry we won’t even know that they have been used.

Just remember as you celebrate a new family addition your income does not go up under normal circumstances.  So be wise plan your finances.

Thank you for reading, hope you found this article useful and as always feel free to comment and share my articles.

Love & Blessings

Photography:Jamie Nicole
Model:  Thanks to Hloe  for allowing me to use their pregnancy shot images

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