My Christmas Gift to You $$$

My Christmas gift to you is that you have a FINANCIAL STRESS FREE CHRISTMAS.  I choose to give you financial wisdom, because with wisdom you will make wise financial decisions and save lots of $$$.
My gift will help you avoid stress related sicknesses.


Photographer: Jemie-Nicole
By the way sickness is very costly, prescriptions, time spent at the doctors and specialist appointments.  Don’t get me started the list is endless I have walked that journey. I felt so cheated buying medication and paying for doctors because my freedom of choice was taken away. I had to pay and buy medication Full stop.

Oh well if you are thinking medical insurance covers everything, you are wrong I thought that as well.  It doesn’t, hope you find the following list helpful as you prepare for the festive season.

  1. You should have a budget already for how much you are prepared to spend on Christmas
  2. Remember to stick to your budget otherwise having a budget and not using it is like having prescription meds and not taking them.
  3. Probably this is too late for this year but going forward make use of opportunities to buy things and put them on lay-by and then pay the final amount in December and collect.
  4. If you are having family gatherings you can arrange than everyone brings a dish. You can actually plan with everyone involved the dishes to bring or you could all contribute towards the Christmas gatherings costs.
  5. Remember as we are in December, January is on its way with its own commitments. If you are a parent like me January means back to school fees and its associates.  Also for me January is a very expensive month with a lot of money going out it seems like everything is due end of December & January.
  6. This is summer break for us in Australia, which means 6 weeks of school holidays.  A lot of money goes out to holiday clubs for the kids so that parents can go to work.  Or even still if you are working from home, just entertaining the kids costs money.  So stick to the budget over the Christmas holidays.
  7. Keep in mind the reason for the season which is to celebrate the birth of Jesus and not to overspend and go on debt.
  8. Gift giving is great it is a blessing to give but give according to what you can afford, not what others can afford.
  9. If you going away on holidays, just remember bills do not go on holiday so spend wisely.
  10. Remember everything is not a necessity, you can use last year’s Christmas tree and  decorations
  11. Check your pantry and fridge before going shopping and write a shopping list and make it your best buddy.
  12. You do not have to try every new product you see in the shop
  13. If you have a large family to buy presents for, you can agree as a family that you allocate to each other who buys a present for who.  That way everyone will have one present and it will be more affordable for everyone.
  14. As 2015 comes to an end, some had a bad year and they are so happy to see it end and for some it was a great year. Whichever way it was for you aim to start the New Year in a healthy financial position or in a better position than 2015.



Thank you for reading,

As Always Sending

Love & Blessings


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