Kids Christmas Expectations

I was just asking my kids what they wanted for Christmas.  My little miss listed the things she wanted.  I am talking huge $$$ coming out of my purse.  At school she wrote a letter to Santa and last week she brought back the response from Santa.

So what it means is she believes Santa will come through our chimney with her gifts and in return she will leave a biscuit and a glass of milk for him.

So my eldest daughter really doesn’t want to spoil this Santa story for her little sis.  So when she heard my little miss saying her list then big sis said to her the problem is “mummy needs money to pay for delivery of the presents all the way from the North Pole”   Now my little miss has been asking me if I am really busy making money.

Anywhere my little miss then said “Mummy don’t worry about buying Christmas presents they will come from the North Pole!!!   I love giving presents to my kids so much and seeing their eyes light up as they receive it. I however refuse to follow the commercialization of Christmas.


Photographer: Jemie-Nicole

I believe it is more important that I:

Explain the reason for the season, which is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ which is the greatest gift God gave to mankind.

  • Explain to them that’s it is not all about receiving gifts but also giving to other people as well because in general kids like to receive, they want everything to themselves. So teaching them to look beyond themselves is important.
  • Keep my focus on that toy box which is bursting out with toys which are never played with.  Kids get excited for one day and they move on so quickly leaving one with a big dent to their wallet.
  • Remember that as we are in December, January is coming soon with the back to school fees season $$$$.  Buy useful presents for instance educational items.
  •  Remember that my love for them is unconditional, it is not based on the amount of money I spend on their gifts.
  •  Protect my kids from being preyed upon by all this advertising on TV and catalogues by teaching them about money so that they will develop good money handling skills.

Thank you for reading

Love & Blessings


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