It Doesn’t Really Matter What People Think About You!!

It Doesn’t Really Matter What People Think About You right. Kids really live up to this statement I tell you. Oh my goodness this kid is wearing different coloured socks.   Or is it my fault the mother for not checking. Come on all you mums out there, do you check your kids to make sure they are wearing matching socks every day.  I was half way though my journey so there was no way I was driving back home.  Anyway my Tash that’s my daughter by the way then told me that she could not find her other matching socks.  You see she did not even think about what people were going to say.  If I was wired to really care about other people’s thoughts I was probably going to find the nearest shopping centre and buy her socks.

It Doesn’t Really Matter What People Think About You!!

Suppose I did not have the money, the next logical thing someone would do would be to swipe a credit card.  I know socks are not expensive but it means using credit for such a small amount and if this debt is not paid on time interest will be charged on top.

 Imagine the unplanned cost of socks+ interest just because I care about what other people are going to think.

My view on people’s thoughts is that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I choose to respect their opinions if it’s expressed to me.  However it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true about me and it does not have power over me.

You see kids are just kids, they think differently from us grown-ups and I am inspired by the mind of a kid.  I choose to embrace it and raise kids who are concerned about running their own race and compete with themselves and not with other people.

Imagine a world where people focus on their own gifts, talents & God given purpose.  We will be all cheering for one another to be the best version of ourselves instead of competing with one another.

Love and Blessings,


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