I Did It-My Book Is Here!!

One day I just thought why can’t I write a book? I mused over this thought for a second or two then I started typing.  I had no plans to be an author at all but however when the thought of writing a book came I asked myself “why not?” I couldn’t find any reasons as to why I shouldn’t.

e-Book Daily Dose of Inspiration

You can find my book on my online store

  I journal almost every single day, so hopefully I would put my ideas into another book. As I type this I have two notebooks full of my writings and now purchased a third one.

I Did It-My Book Is Here!!
I Did It-My Book Is Here!!

I blogged about this book 2 months ago after I had finished writing here.
I thought my book was done and ready, I under estimated the amount of time designing and converting into different formats would take.  On top of that the technical problems I had.  Anyways I am glad that it is finally out.

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The title for my book is: Daily Dose of Inspiration 60 Days.  Most people take supplements to provide their bodies with the necessary nutrients.  So, I thought why not take a Daily Dose of Inspiration to keep you inspired, focused & energized to achieve the life you desire.  So, this is how I came up with the title for my book.

I Did It-My Book Is Here!!

In a nutshell 2016 has been a challenging year but;
I figured out that every challenge in life will teach you something or develop an inner strength which you never knew you had.

Every challenge will unveil a talent which you never knew existed.  For me I became an author.

Refuse to come out of your challenges empty handed, learn something from them. If you have nothing to do, dig deep into your passions and just keep doing what you love.  Something great will come out of that challenge.

You can find my book on my online store

I Did It-My Book Is Here!!

Refuse to come out of 2016 empty handed, grab something to take into 2017.

Hope you enjoy my book and please leave reviews

Love & Blessings

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