Home Away at Christmas!!!

 Most people want to be at home at Christmas. This got me thinking about where exactly is home?  what is home to you? Is it a dwelling place, or people?
Well I am spending my Christmas day in the air with my family. I did set up a Christmas tree in our home in Melbourne.  However, the real Christmas will be celebrated somewhere in the air not sure where exactly we will be in terms of geographical location.

Home Away at Christmas!!!

Location or dwelling doesn’t matter to me anymore. What matters to me is to be with the people that I love, my family.  As someone who moved away from my country of birth many years ago, I have learnt to create my own home wherever God plants me.

A few years ago, I visited my country of birth and left my family in Melbourne. It was hard for me being away for 2 weeks. Imagine I had my dad there and my siblings but I was always on the phone talking to hubby and my daughter.

I sat down and asked myself this question “what’s wrong with me, I have my family and yet I am not settled”. It then dawned on me that I have changed, my priorities have changed as long as I talk to my dad regularly and know that he is alright I am ok with  that.

So from then on I started calling where I am planted my home, instead of residing here and always planning on a future over there. Why not seize this moment, live life to the full and create memories.

Home Away at Christmas!!!

A home to me is not a dwelling but it is the people around me.

We have had so many memorable Christmas occasions and created our own family traditions.

So If you do not have family be with friends because friends can become family.

We have friends who have turned out to be family now to us. I say this because my definition of family has nothing to do with being related. However, it is defined by love and caring.

Home Away at Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.May 2017 be fruitful for you in every way. May it bring happiness, peace, love and good healthy for you and your loved ones.

I would like to say thank you for supporting me in my blogging journey.

Love & Blessings,

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