Financially Savvy Princess…….

Financially Savvy Princess.......

Wear your crown because…………. you are a financially savvy princess. I am thinking girl, get your finances in order because you are a Princess. Don’t let your prince find out that his princess is actual a frog.

Financially Savvy Princess.......
Financially Savvy Princess…….

The princess is my baby sis on her bridal shower 4 days before her wedding. So, when I looked at the photo I became emotional. Images of mum coming from hospital carrying her flashed in front of me and I thought oh our baby is not a baby anymore.

Funny enough she is the only baby I really remember in my family, I think when my other sisters were born, I was still too young.

I remember asking my baby sis about the budget for her wedding and an update on wedding plans. Oh, my goodness I was more that impressed with her responses. She was like catering, cake, flowers, venue etc. and she would say how much has been paid and when she was finalizing everything.

Her and her fiance at that time, hubby now were so organised. I was so impressed with their money skills.  Imagine she was juggling preparing for the wedding, studying and work all at the same time.   I asked how she was managing to do this and her response was planning things ahead of time.

Her numbers were at the tip of her fingers. I was like surely numbers run in our blood.  In any case, she is a finance girl, I guess that’s to be expected, right?

Financially Savvy Princess.......
Financially Savvy Princess…….

Everyone should know how much they have in their bank account before they spend

Now talking marriage & finances. Do you know that money is one of the causes of divorces in marriage especially when one is a spender and one is a saver?  Most people do not discuss money matters during their dating stage. I think they should, so that they can start planning how they will handle their money and set a foundation for their marriage.
Instead after marriage they get shocked to find out that their significant other is in huge debt and s/he doesn’t think it is a problem.  They would be probably thinking that everybody has debt, everybody lives that way which is not necessarily true.  Look I am talking debt like just buying staff of no value like clothes, cars etc. Student debt is a different thing because it is investment debt.

In my view marriage is not meant to bail anybody out of debt because I just think it is not fair to the other person who is financially disciplined.  Marriage is about 2 people coming together because they love each other. Imagine how great it would be to marry a girl who just knows where she is at with her finances, she is a Financial Savvy princess.

Financially Savvy Princess
Financially Savvy Princess

Even though I subscribe to the school of thought which says a man is the provider. However nowadays most women work and everybody handles money. Hence I think it is important that everybody have the basic skills to manage these resources.

Debt could be either side i.e. the male or the female. Ideally if both parties are good with their money this would be the best start to a marriage financially.

It’s good to start your marriage without a financial burden and maintain this to avoid financial stress.

Bulletproof your marriage from breaking down due to money issues.

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