Even When Her Kids Get Sick, Is Not An Excuse!!!

Even When Her Kids Get Sick, Is Not An Excuse!!!

Sick Kid Is Not An Excuse!!!  Another level of being super organised.  For most of us, when our  kids get sick surely that’s an excuse to attend our kids and not do what we are supposed to do.  Oh well isn’t it life is more important than everything right?

I have taken time off work to nurse my kids back to health, I am sure you have too if you are a parent.  Or at times I have been called to come and pick them early from school because they are not well.  I remember a time I had both my kids at home with a tummy bug and they are not allowed at school or day-care because it’s contagious.  Every boss wold understand right or at least I would expect them to understand, wouldn’t you?  I don’t even consider myself to be making an excuse because if my kids are sick I just need to look after them right?  I am sure every parent agrees with me

Imagine having this important meeting to attend and your kid get sick on that day.  If you are a parent I am sure you would have gone through this experience.  Just that day when you have something important to do and can’t afford to miss it then something like this happens.  Or you have been studying for this exam and suddenly on the exam day that’s the day the kid gets sick. These are some of the situation we as parents find ourselves in.

On a side note if you find yourself in that predicament and you have assessed that your child is not seriously sick and you need someone to look after them there are organisations like Tiripano Home Service which offer emergency child care services.

 In one of my accounting classes a few weeks ago. One of my students mentioned that she has 2 kids 4 & 2 years of age and her husband works abroad. My mouth went wide open as I literally blurted these words “what, you have kids”.

I was very surprised because she looked so young and she was studying a full-time course.  So, of course I didn’t expect her to have kids.    But you know the amazing thing about her is she did all her work and she even went the extra mile to read and be prepared before class.
That’s what I call a  #mumdreamachiever right there.

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I was inspired that kids and all she is still doing her thing.  She submitted her assessments before due dates and I mentioned to her that they were not due yet.
She responded by telling me that as a mum you never know when kids are going to get sick.  So, she does her work ahead of time so that even if her kids get sick this does not affect her studies.   I was taken aback by this high level of being organised.

 This is a woman who doesn’t make excuses for anything.  Then I was beyond inspired by the fact she is a No Excuses Woman who doesn’t consider a sick kid a legitimate excuse to for not doing her work.  Which I must confess I would consider it a legitimate excuse. If she couldn’t submit her assessment due to sick kids I would have definitely given her an extension.

So, sure enough she missed two classes but all her assessments were up to date.  So, she stayed home to nurse her two kids back to health. She explained to me that she saw the symptoms well ahead of time, they were having runny noses and had to be prepared.

If you are looking for a job this is one of the attributes employers look for. Someone who anticipates things and plans ahead  and they have a strategy to deal with the anticipated.

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Even When Her Kids Get Sick, Is Not An Excuse!!!
Cute kids

I remember I tried to resume my studies just after having my second baby.  I was so tired all the time due to sleepless nights. I was late for the exam as I waited for hubby to get home so he could stay will the kids and I go and write the exam.  In the end, he decided to drive me so that I could try and study in the car on our way to the exam.  We were stuck in traffic,  I was late to the exam and had a baby crying in the car.  I had not studied at all, so I simply had no confidence that I would make it.  I am general confident if I know that I have done my part.

Anywhere to cut the long story short, as you can imagine already, I failed that paper.  I then decided to take a break until my daughter was 3 years old. To be honest I had a lot of things happening in my life I guess my timing wasn’t right.

However, after my experience with my student who does not consider a sick kid a legitimate excuse for her not to do her work. I am now beginning to wonder whether I just made excuses. I wonder if I slacked in being organised what are your thoughts?  If you were in my shoes what would you have done?

Anyways this unsung hero, my student whom I was teaching, instead became my teacher and taught me that No excuse is good enough.

Anticipate things and prepare beforehand.

I have been checking myself for excuses and counteracting them.

Thanks to this inspiring woman, the silent celebrated mother doing things behind the scenes.  I celebrate her and many others and thank them for being such an inspiration.

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