Dream Wedding or Debt Wedding then Broke After……..Who cares

Dream Wedding and Broke After………

Dream wedding before I even got a man!!!! who does that? Well I did…… When I was a little girl I used to talk a lot about my future. I remember speaking about the kind of wedding I wanted to my siblings and my parents.  That was like even before I went to college and didn’t even have a boyfriend isn’t that funny.
I must have been in my teens at that time. All I wanted was to have a wedding, the day when the focus was on me oh I love weddings and I never thought about the man. I never even thought about what it was going to cost to have that wedding.

Anywhere dreams are free so why not dream?

Fast forward to the time we had to plan our wedding.  All excitement disappeared as I was faced with reality,  which was that weddings are EXPENSIVE . I realized that we had a choice to make between having a dream wedding or debt wedding and then be broke after…….  We were so young and ambitious. We had plans to travel and see the world soon as well as advance ourselves educational. We chose to have a great wedding which we could afford.  Basically, we set a budget for the wedding and did everything as per our budget.

Dream Wedding or Debt Wedding then Broke After........Who cares
Thanks to my lil sis for this photo @ her wedding. Money smart girl

This allowed us to still have money to explore our dream of moving abroad and surely 3 months later we moved abroad.  So far now we have lived in 3 different countries. My hubby and I are professionals in our respective areas of expertise. The benefits of having a wedding on a budget instead of a dream wedding beyond ones affordability and then getting broke after are as follows;

You will still have money for the honeymoon
Yes after the stress of preparing for the wedding, you definitely need to go away and relax spend time together and bond. Yep we went on a short honeymoon though because we were planning to travel in 3 months time.

You will have money to do other things
Like I said, we were so young and ambitious and ready to explore the world. So, because we set a realistic budget we were able to explore the world.  My sis who just got married is financially smart so after her wedding they paid for the land and started building their home.  I was super proud of her and my new brother in love.  You see after the wedding you will need accommodation and bills will be waiting to be paid.  You don’t want to find yourself moving in with family because you can’t afford to look after yourselves.

Dream Wedding or Debt Wedding then Broke After........Who cares
Dream Wedding or Debt Wedding then Broke After……..Who cares

You won’t divorce on your honeymoon
On honeymoon you really want to have the best time of your lives. You do not want to be stressed because of finances and then end up having arguments. Honeymoon doesn’t have to be in another country or be away for 2-3 weeks. If you can’t afford this, a couple of days away will do.
Finances have been stated as one of the causes of divorce in marriages. So be money smart and protect your marriage.

You will set a good financial foundation for your marriage.
We started budgeting together when we were preparing for our wedding, so we set a good foundation on how we were going to handle our finances. A budget does not mean that I cannot spend small amounts of money. No, I do because I always leave miscellaneous amounts for small things. As a mum kids might ask for something so I want to be able to do that.

Dream Wedding or Debt Wedding then Broke After........Who cares
Dream Wedding or Debt Wedding then Broke After……..Who cares

One thing I have learnt is that marriage is not the wedding day, but the many days you get to share with your spouse after the wedding.

So be money smart and protect yourselves from marriage breakdown due to finances.

Thank you for reading,

Love & Blessings.

Photography: ROE photos


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  1. Awesome post. Really spot on, especially because I’m planning my wedding and budgeting is just so important. Wedding Wire app has been helpful too, especially the budget app.

    I just came across your blog, and I love your content. I’ll be visiting more often.


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