Does Santa Get Broke!!!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, today I though of just exploring what goes on in little ones’ minds when it comes to Christmas & Christmas Gifts as well as how parents respond to their expectations and questions.

Check this dialogue between parents and their kids:

Daddy:           Santa is in prison so he will not be able to bring your present today.
Daughter:       That’s not true daddy you are confused because of that Christmas movie Santa  Clause you watched.

Mum:           Tash where does Santa get the money from to buy gifts? Is Santa rich?
Daughter:    Santa does not buy gifts mummy but they are made by the Elves in the North Pole.

Son:              Mum I am worried that the presents will not fit under the tree as I have asked Santa for a lot of things. Mum:            Sorry son the economy is bad so Santa is broke

Kid:                Christmas is Jesus’ birthday so we are buying a cake and then I can blow the candles.
Mum:            Yes son that true and

Daughter:   Mummy can you please buy me a gift in case Santa does not come because he did not come last year. Mum:          Don’t worry Tash this year he will surely come.


I hope you were able to get an answer from the above dialogue about whether Santa can do anything. For Santa to be able to do anything it means parents are spending $$$. That probably explains the reason why the shopping malls were packed on Christmas Eve.

People were spending $$$ and this is the time that retailers expect to make more money and even exceed their budget expectations.  Sorry retailers you not getting my money because I spend on BUDGET

I noticed that shops were already putting up signs for Boxing Day sales.  That means more spending. Anywhere I am so excited about Christmas now and the kids cannot wait to open their presents.  As much as Christmas is a wonderful time but this can be a stressful time for parent’s financially as they worry about how they will be able to be the Santa who can do anything for their kids.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Enjoy time with loved ones and the greatest gift of all which is life in its self.

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Love & Blessings

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