Do the Opinions of Your boss, Lecturer or Colleagues Affect Your Career or Academic achievement?

I say no the opinions of your boss, lecturer or colleagues do not affect your career or academic achievements at all.  It will only affect you if you believe what they say to you. It is their view, I only accept if it is constructive criticism meant to build me up to be better.

I remember when I was at university in England I was doing this accounting package program project.  Every time I kept on forgetting to restore once I enter my memory stick on the computer and backup at the end of the program.   The impact of not following this simple step was that I lost all the work and then accumulated all the projects that have been done on that particular computer.  So basically it meant everything will be wrong.

Hence I was getting frustrated because I could not figure out where I was going wrong.   I just needed the lecturer to look at my work and advise me.  The lecturer looked at me instead of my work and stated that obviously I did not know how to use a computer.  Anyway how did he know that I did not know how to use a computer? I was so upset that day, I went home and was so restless at night but I told myself I am going to figure it out.  Next day I was back at Uni did everything step by step till I got it right.

Photographer: Jemie-Nicole

After I had figured the issue out I was helping my colleagues with the project.  I submitted my project, when the results came I got 98% and the lecturer had the guts to open his mouth and tell me that I was one of his best student.

My response was a polite thank you.  I walked away satisfied because I did not let stereotyping or his view to affect my results.

What I am saying is if you are a star you will shine no matter the limitations placed on you.  Your results would be undeniable good

In my career I had a colleague tell me that she knew my capabilities. According to this colleague the new project I had in mind was beyond my capabilities.  I did not respond to this because at the end of the day it is her opinion but it doesn’t determine whether I can or can’t.

If people think I can’t and I think I can then it is what I think and do which will determine if I can.

 Having said that I am just going to keep stepping out and let God reveal and empower me to do the things I never thought possible.

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