Do Not Let Your Past & Present Situation & Cloud Your View Of What Your Future Could Be -5TIPS

Your past or present situation or people’s views do not detect your future, but you do.  You see every one is the master designer of their own vision.

One day I asked my daughter what she wanted to do when she grows up.  Her response was based on what her teacher said.  You see she had been told that she was an average student, hence she would most likely go to college and not university. I responded by saying ok but that is your teacher’s opinion based on your past and your present but she doesn’t know your future performance.  You can change your future performance and make it to university because I do not believe you are an average student.  I believe you have more potential than that but you are operating way below your capacity.


Photographer: Jemie Nicole

These are the steps I took:

  • Got her to believe in herself and remove the man made labels.
  • Worked with her to devise a mentoring plan and outlined her goals.
  • Drafted a step by step guide of what she needed to do to achieve her goals. This is the “HOW”
  • ACTION-we bought books for her and assigned hubby & myself subjects in which we will be tutoring according to our strengths.
  • REVIEW– This where we keep track of her progress through her school reports and parent teacher evenings. Otherwise she now drives her studies and comes to us for tutoring as per the plan.

Eventually we started seeing those grades going up, she got confident and pushed herself to do even better.  Now she tells us which university she is going to and what areas she will specialise in.

Mission accomplished we are so proud of her.

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