Do Not Ignore Warning Signs

Financial stress is real and just like any other types of stress it can cause a lot of diseases. So why not identify the warning signs or symptoms before you actually get distressed and avoid going down the Route. You don’t want to live your life saying if only I knew, I would not have gone down this Route. Be informed. Check this video and together lets ” Change how Generations Deal with Money”

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Taking money from your mortgage to go on holidays!!!


Taking money from the mortgage to go on holidays or finance another activity.  Is this something that you do, in this video I can briefly the financial implications so that you and I can make informed decisions.

The levels of debt that our generations has grieves my heart. Companies can employee accountants and other financial experts to manage their financial resources but what about the regular mum, dad, student, woman or man? They find themselves making financial commitments they do not understand.

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