Beyond Every Shut Door There is an Open Door- GET IN…

Beyond Every Shut Door There is an Open Door- GET IN…

Did you know that beyond every shut door there is an open door? Yep there is; It’s just that when doors shut on us it hurts and might probably live us in a state of confusion. If you have lost a job, been rejected or deemed unqualified just remember there are more open doors beyond these experiences.

Beyond Every Shut Door There is an Open Door- GET IN…
Beyond Every Shut Door There is an Open Door- GET IN…

Yep I am speaking from experience and I am sure I am not the only one whose gone through these.  Myself and many others can attest to this statement. However  if you work your way out of these emotions and be open for the next move you will see open doors.

 I have heard someone say life is like a theatre where one is given a turn to perform and they have a limited time on stage.  After their turn is over and it becomes someone else’s turn.

How true is that, we do not live forever do we?

 I see these turns as doors opening allowing us to enter into opportunities at each stage of life we are in and we have to seize them. I thought this person’s words were so on point because for instance I cannot say I want to be a child gain.

As I thought about life as a theatre I started questioning myself If I was using my turn effectively.  I have got to mentor my kids, sisters and many people who come across my path. Am I doing a great job? If not I need to improve and do an excellent job.

I thought to make sure I make the best of my life as I perform in this theatre called life I would segment my thoughts, writing and actions to make sure I cover all the areas;

Enjoy every stage of life you are in as it will soon pass and seize the opportunities
Funny enough my eldest daughter gets offended if people get her age wrong and make her younger.  I always say to her enjoy this moment as a child there is no rush to being an adult for surely you will get there.

 I remember my childhood how dad used to wake me up in the morning to get ready for school and he would give me some pocket-money and walk with me to school.  I never used to think or worry about anything, it was my parents’ job to worry not mine.  I didn’t even think about what we were going to have for dinner I knew that mum was going to make dinner that’s all.

I had doors open to me as a young lady which I had to make use of so that I would be able to be independent of my parents one day.  So it was my choice to make the most of those opportunities.

Beyond Every Shut Door There is an Open Door- GET IN…
Beyond Every Shut Door There is an Open Door- GET IN…

Transitions are part of life
I need to embrace transition-A time came when I became an adult and I took over providing for myself.
Well now I do not ask dad for money because roles have reversed I am the one who gives him money.

Anyways what I am saying is life does present us with opportunities whether young or old.  So we have to seize these opportunities step into the open doors otherwise they will go past and we might not get them again. I remember a conversation I had with one of my sisters she was saying we should have done this studying before we had kids.  I was like yeah girl but education never ends does it?  So we now have to advance our careers or business and balance that with family commitments because this is the stage of life we are in.

Beyond Every Shut Door There is an Open Door- GET IN…
Beyond Every Shut Door There is an Open Door- GET IN…

Do not live in regret
  I remember hubby and I meeting this old gentleman in Wales in the United Kingdom he was probably around 80 years of age.  When he heard we were moving to Australia he came to speak to us.  He  he pulled his passport and he showed us his old VISA to Australia which he never used. He said to us that he got this VISA many years ago because he wanted to go to Australia but he never did.

However, he kept his old passport for so many years and always looked at that VISA and with the regret of not going to Australia.  Well thinking of it, it is approximately a 23-hour flight.  That’s really far so it takes a lot of guts to make this move away from your home country and family to an unknown land. However seeing us was a reminder of the dream he did not go for and always regrets

Seeing an 80 year old living with regret made me think I don’t want to reach that age and wish  I had done this and that.

I do I want to live my dream through my kids pushing them to do the things I couldn’t or didn’t do myself.  I have to let my kids live their own dream.

Beyond Every Shut Door There is an Open Door- GET IN…

Beyond Every Shut Door There is an Open Door- GET IN…

Let go of the closed doors and the painful emotions
Having said that there are some doors which get banged right in front of our faces. I have had my share of those, some of them had painful memories I had to accept these doors are shut and move forward and  step into those which are open.

Just remember life is like a stage you only have a short time to perform on that stage, so make the most of it. Do not spend your time being bitter about the shut doors but channel your energy towards open doors and make the most of it.

You cannot see ahead while you are blinded by the tears over the past. Let Go & Step into Open Doors

Beyond Every Shut Door There is an Open Door- GET IN…
Beyond Every Shut Door There is an Open Door- GET IN…

These shut doors could really be anything for instance a relationship breakdown and someone thinking you are not good enough.  Honestly if they can’t see your worth, they are not worthy of you.

Step into open doors and seize opportunities which are in line with your vision.  Do not let them go and live in regret

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Thank you for reading as always,

Love & blessings,

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  1. Such a beautiful and inspiring message to share. I especially relate to your statement about letting go – funny how it’s both one of the most difficult and freeing things one can learn to do!
    Much love xx

    1. Thank you Iman for your comment yes I agree with you it is difficult to let go having gone through it myself. I had to make a conscious decision to let go and force myself by diverting my focus from the hurt from the past so that I could see the opportunities ahead.

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