I  am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA),Training Consultant, Coach and Mentor who is based in Australia in the beautiful city of Melbourne.  I am passionate about;
Helping small businesses in the finance area, Training, Coaching & mentoring and Finance coaching for families & individuals

I am a wife and a mother who has the capability to maintain a balance in my personal life and have experienced the privilege of seeing my dreams manifest. I went through a season of change in my life, which made me start to question who I was without the Accountant title.   However I found that this identity that I had assigned my self was so limited. I started soul searching and looking for the other gifts which were inside me.

I stepped out of my comfort zone to discover these hidden treasures inside me.  This is how EncounterCS came into being as I discovered an entrepreneur, trainer, coach, mentor and above all a passion for speaking and empowering people to achieve and WALK in their dreams.  

So from that day forth I made a conscious decision to embrace all these gifts inside me and operate in all of them instead of only one gift.
I followed my PASSION

After all I believe dreams are meant to be realised

Thank you for visiting my blog once again,

Be empowered & encouraged to not only dream but to step out and get hold of your dreams and WALK in them.  In short be a dream WALKER & not a DREAM dreamer.

 Fiso Moyo (CPA)
Certified Public Accountant
BA (Hons) in Accounting & Finance
Founder of EncounterCS