5 Top Money Tips To Embrace in 2016

5 Top Money Tips To Embrace in 2016

Everyone has a right to financial literacy hence I have written the 5 Money Tips To embrace in 2016.    It is important to identify bad financial habits and replace them with good ones.   I believe this is key because in my opinion you cannot deal with a problem which you do not acknowledge.

 See my Top 5 money tips I recommend you embrace in 2016

Live within your means
This means live within your ability to maintain your lifestyle. That is doing what you can afford with what you have not with what others have. Basically you should spend less than you earn.

Dress for a party of one
Dress up to be seen by you and not by others. Most people worry about what other people will think if they are seen wearing the same dress twice.  Always remember your pocket and theirs are different.  A friend of mine once said to me never desire someone’s car because their debt hole is bigger than yours.

Don’t spend all the money you earn. Save for the dry seasons.
Dry seasons could be a job loss, medical bills (while I am still on this one medical insurance does not necessarily cover all the costs) or just another unexpected cost.

Check what the wise book says this is an extract:Genesis 41v34

Let Pharaoh take action to appoint overseers in charge of the land, and let him exact a fifth of the produce of the land of Egypt in the seven years of abundance.

5 Top Money Tips To Embrace in 2016
5 Top Money Tips To Embrace in 2016

Buy assets or rent assets which you can afford
Here I am looking at buying a house or renting, car purchase, furniture etc.  I choose to use layby for furniture which means when it is delivered into my house it is debt free. When we moved to Australia from the UK we did not move with any furniture. So were literally starting again. We had and still have these wonderful friends of ours who would visit us. You know what I am talking about 3 families having dinner while sitting on the floor.

You see I did not wait till I had furniture to invite friends because material things do not define me. Relationships matter to me.

We used to have great times while sitting on the floor. Now my house is furnished now we have fun sitting on the couch.

Its ok to say No, do not be a people pleaser
If I am invited to an event and I cannot afford it, I gladly decline and it’s ok to say no.  You do not have to tell people the reason, otherwise they will find a solution for you.  They might pay for you and ask you to reimburse them.  This still means you will have to pay back. What if the amount is beyond your affordability?

5 Top Money Tips To Embrace in 2016
5 Top Money Tips To Embrace in 2016

“I can see it, like it, and not buy it because………….”

Complete the above quote to help you resist spending and apply it in real life you will amazed at how much money you have saved by just resisting.

Feel free to share your comments on how you deal with the spending epidemic which has plagued our society

Thank you for reading,

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